So what is an ‘explainer video’? It’s a short video that quickly informs the viewer of the product/service a company has to offer, that maybe very hard to describe in a clear and succinct way.

But maybe your service or product is too complicated to express and there is too much information you need to get across. Fear not! Because here are the ingredients that make a good explainer video, that will help get your message across in a fun and engaging fashion.

With these steps you are sure to gain an explainer video that doesn’t just get your message across, but will be entertaining and engaging. A great explainer video simplifies its message into a small, easily digestible bite

Explainer Video Production

1. Script

The script is the most important aspect of creating an explainer video, don’t rush through this process. Write a script and consider what message you wish to convey to your audience while doing so and most importantly, stick to it !. Start by just writing down a script it doesn’t have to be good but functions as a trampoline to the next step.

2. Simplicity

Time to polish your original script, keeping it simple is key, a 60 second video contains 150 words, make those words count. Especially if you don’t aggressively curate the information you deliver. Your message may become muddy, incomplete or inaccurate. With an explainer video, your message will be distilled down to a minute or 2 of your prioritized message.

3. Tell a Story

The human brain is programmed to respond to narratives, particularly ones that engage with ideas that are familiar to them. By mixing unfamiliar ideas with familiar ones, stories told through video help introduce viewers to new concepts. When storytelling is done right, it becomes an engaging experience and makes people connect with you and feel good about buying from you. That’s why explainer videos work. And that’s why businesses are hiring studios to create engaging videos for them.

4. Who is your Target Audience?

Most often than not people do not take into consideration their audience. However it pays off to do a little research as to who would like your product/service and why? This will streamline your message and go after your consumers with surgical precision.

5. No Jargon

Nothing can get rid of the ‘personality’ of your brand faster than jargon. People don’t really care about jargon and it does NOT make you sound smarter in fact, it makes people tune you out faster, as it makes it sound more like an academic lecture, rather than a fun and entertaining experience. Here is a great example that pokes fun at how off putting jargon can be

6. Do you have Good Storyboard?

Explainer videos are a visual medium so it would make good sense to make a storyboard. Storyboards help you plan out your ideas and you can easily make iterations or changes if any are required. It gets red of any unexpected surprises you might face.

7. Clear Call to Action

Let your customers know how they can get in touch with you. Direct them to your site, Facebook page or download your app, and where can they call you? Grease the roads of communication so your consumers can reach you promptly.

Follow these step and your explainer video will capture and hold your audiences’ attention for sure! However, some businesses may find animation and video overwhelming or intimidating. If this is the case for you, then finding the right people to express your message is key. Lucky for you I know just the right people at Cinimage/Brandepix, who after years of experience making explainer videos have gained mastery over it. You can reach us at (+91) 8880045678.

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