During the late 90’s advertising through television was one and only popular option available for companies to showcase their services or products. Of course there were handbills and street announcements. Yet, advertising through television had been the effective option. Now, after a decade we see a transformation. The IT evolution has marked a drastic change in the scenario. Although television advertisement is still holding a place, other dynamic channels have taken the lead. Corporate films, now being the star of Marcom solutions is standing tall and dominating the world of web. Internet, being the most used and hotshot medium, is the righteous platform for the corporate videos.

Now let us see the reasons why corporate video production has become the popular option in Marcom:

1) High Internet consumption:

Today the internet consumption rate has grown drastically. Millions of people are found on the web. Corporate world uses this factor to their maximum advantage and spread their corporate films openly to circulate. Naturally a corporate film, creatively produced by a professional video production company grabs the attention of mass. Today internet is no more expensive and hence people liberally watch all the creative ads and animated corporate videos with keen eyes. This very factor has made the corporate films popular.

2) Amazing Animation:

Animation in any form is always attractive. Animation is not just admired by kids. Today, irrespective of age people love to watch animated characters or objects. The animated videos give a new experience to people as it is colorful and fun to watch. Film Production companies, being aware of this very factor creative corporate films which are lively and animated.

3) Social media attraction:

Actively being in the Social media is the latest trend of young and adult generation. Hence we find billions of frequent visitors in face book, LinkedIn and other sites. These billions of people, who like the creatively produced videos, share it among their vast circles. This makes the corporate film go viral which in turn make a product popular. Hence a video production house which has the knack of producing viral videos is considered as the king of the web jungle.

4) Creativity encashment:

Production companies create videos using touchy stories and social messages. People prone to natural human emotions; easily get engaged with this kind of videos. Invariably people who like such videos tend to comment and share it giving a vast advertisement on their own accord. This is one of the ways to en cash the creativity.

5) Smart phone era:

As we all know, we are in the smart phones era. Since smart phones, mostly based on android, support all kinds of videos. People watch it with zeal as it is available. More often we see people sharing what they like on Whatsapp and other apps. This kind of circulation makes corporate videos go popular.

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